Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust installed the Panda Managed Office Protection

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Posted by Sandra, July 16, 2009
foto_sandra1I am an intern at the Technical Training & Certification Department and would like to share with you a case study that we will use in one of our training courses.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust required a system that would enable all the practice computers, many of which use separate networks, to link to a central server within the Hospital, without the risk of spreading viruses or being beset with spyware.

For this reason they installed the Panda Managed Office Protection (PMOP) antivirus solution, which helps 1,700 client computers throughout the county to receive and send vital information safely and efficiently.


PMOP is an advanced, Web-based anti-malware solution that benefits from Panda Security’s cloud-based “Collective Intelligence”.

According to Gloucestershire NHS, in two months, the Panda solution identified 435 suspect items, mainly spyware, which was hundreds more than their previous antivirus system. 
The challenge consisted in:

  • Protecting email communications between individual practices and the hospital, enabling them to work without the risk of contracting a virus.
  • Providing them with a scalable solution that could handle the increasing number of doctors joining the hospital in the future.
  • Offering a solution that could be managed centrally by just one person, while delivering a high level of protection.
  • Preventing loss of productivity.
  • Enabling the Trust to achieve a rapid return on investment.

You can read the full case study at



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